Who can apply  

  • Charitable trusts or incorporated societies that have been registered with the Charities Commission or Companies Office for at least 12 months at the time of submitting an application

  • Organisations within the Trust's region - see map

Organisations are eligible for a grant once in a 12 month period.

Applications must align with the Trust's priorities under the following funding areas:

Places iconPlaces

In the Places funding area we aim to fund projects that conserve, preserve and develop our region's natural and physical environment, and cultural heritage.

Participation iconParticipation

In the Participation funding area we aim to encourage and support people to be engaged in their communities through participation in artistic, cultural, recreational and sporting activities.

People iconPeople

In the People funding area we aim to support community organisations working to facilitate improved outcomes for high need communities in our region, or support strengths-based programmes that focus on positive outcomes for children, young people and their families.

Education grants

Education grants come under the People funding area. If you are an early childhood education centre or school, you will apply under this area.