Gambling Being Prohibited In New Zealand: Some Information


In this guide, I am going to be discussing the gambling habits of New Zealanders and how gambling is handled by the law in the island country of New Zealand. Gambling in New Zealand is actually illegal unless, it is authorised under the gambling act of 2003. In addition to this particular thing, there are a lot of gambling habits that are prohibited under this specific act. Remote interactive gambling is prohibited, advertising overseas gambling is prohibited, gambling excerpts of gambling act 2003 is prohibited, and prizes are also prohibited.

The gambling act also does a fantastic job when it comes to classifying gambling into four classes, other than gambling that is conducted by casinos and the New Zealand lottery commission. Each of the first three classes specify many different maximum prizes and turnover as well as who can actually conduct the gambling activities and whether they need a licence or not.

Class 1: Class 1 of gambling cannot actually have a prize or even a turnover of more than $500. All the proceeds from gambling, including the interest, if conducted by an individual, must be applied to all the winners. Only Class 1 gambling can be conducted by the individuals.

Class 2: Class 2 gambling must have prizes with a total value between $500 and $5000 and the potential turnover from gambling must exceed $500, but it should not exceed $25,000. This class of gambling does not actually require a licence, but it must be conducted by societies as defined in the gambling act of 2003.

Class 3: Class 3 must have the prizes with a total value that exceeds $5000.

Class 4: Gambling in this particular class refers to gambling that makes use of gaming machines. It is banned for classes 3 and 4 to conduct gambling activities without a license.

Communication devices which include computers, telephones, radios and other similar devices fall into the definition of interactive gambling. To fall into the above definition of gambling, the participant must actually be something in order to participate, indirectly or directly, and there must also be an element of chance in order to win any money. The prohibition would actually include selling of lottery tickets on the Internet and would also include a New Zealand casino site.

There are a lot of exceptions that you need to know, to this particular rule.

  1. The lotteries commission and even the racing board can actually conduct all approved forms of remote interactive gambling activities.
  2. Sales promotions in the form of any lottery conducted in New Zealand are excluded from the ban on remote gambling that is also interactive. However, the sales promotions which are not lotteries may end up falling under the definition of a remote interactive gambling.