Guide for NZ Dollar Online Casinos  – 2020

New Zealand allows sports betting and gambling for the locals and ex-pats. There are a total of six brick and mortar casinos in New Zealand that offer all types of casino games. All the casinos in New Zealand only accept the New Zealand dollar. If you are travelling in New Zealand, you will need to head to a money exchange office before heading to the casino. You can also find the money exchange counter in the casino resort you are staying at. In this guide, you will learn about casino gaming in New Zealand.

Benefits of NZ Dollar Casinos

We recommend playing at the casinos that accept NZ dollars while playing from New Zealand. It can offer you several benefits.

While playing on a casino that accepts the NZ dollar, you do not have to worry about paying the conversion fee. You will also not lose any money in the currency exchange due to poor conversion rates. When you have to pay in NZ dollars, you can transfer the money directly from your bank account. There are plenty of amazing casino options available online that accept NZ dollars. The top casinos in our list are:

Lucky Nugget Casino

Offers up to NZ$200 on the first deposit with a minimum deposit of NZ$10.

Spin Casino

Offers up to NZ$1000 on the first deposit with a minimum deposit of NZ$20.

Yako Casino

Offers a guaranteed bonus of NZ$99 on the first deposit with a minimum deposit of NZ$10.

How to make a deposit using NZD

Using NZ dollars to make a deposit on the online casino is easy. Find a casino site that accepts the NZ dollar and follow the process of making an online transaction. There are no special guidelines for using the NZ dollar. BE careful while picking the casinos and find a safe transaction gateway that accepts your debit cards, credit card, and e-wallets.

There is usually a minimum deposit fee for making each transaction. There might also be a maximum deposit fee under the policy of responsible gaming. The platforms will also provide bonuses and promotional offers to users who make a transaction. Different payment methods may have different limits based on their accessibility.

History of NZ Dollar

The New Zealand Dollar (NZ Dollar) is the national currency for New Zealand that was introduced in 1967. Before that, New Zealand has NZ Pound and Pound Sterling before that. Even while being a part of the Commonwealth, NZ maintains its own currency. It operates in New Zealand, Pitcairn Islands, Cook Islands, and Niue. NZ dollar offers a low exchange rate to other currencies, making it beneficial in the forex market as well. NZ dollar is among the top 10 traded currencies in the forex market.